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Study or Social Committee

Study Committee

Do you have an earnest feeling toward improving your current study program professionally? Maybe you have ideas and connections in your field to help your fellow students or the course program itself. If so, sign up with a team (minimum 3 people). Organize study related activities and programs for your English-taught course. Ambrosia board will fund and support you with our platform. Currently, we have empty spots for the following English-taught courses;

  • Food Technology
  • International Business in Food and Flowers
  • International Development Management

For Animal Husbandry, PAS (Production Animal Study Association) has taken charge. Click here to read more.

To sign up as a study committee you:

  • Have a team to facilitate or lead ideas and activities
  • Are students of VHL
  • Are team players and leaders – inspiring others, making decisions and taking responsibility
  • Have a passion for creating value for other people

A team is a must, you need to have capacity to suggest and facilitate events. You will be creating your own study division of Ambrosia after all. You are taking an extra step to take bigger responsibility to improve your study environment, either on experience or fun level. If you are alone, take the lead and create a team. It doesn’t have to be only from your class but can be from different year as well. If you want more details on requirements, send us a message below.

Study Committee

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Let's improve and make studies fun together!! Send in your form to Ambrosia, we will reach out to you for a meeting and will establish mutual support.

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Social Committee

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Are you an active person? Enthusiastic enough to create a fun social environment in a multi-cultural community? Join Ambrosia social committee (aka External Affairs Committee (EC)), you will help prepare, suggest and organize activities together! For this category, you can sign up alone to work together with us, Ambrosia board. You will learn how to organize and facilitate activities/ events for VHL students with diverse cultural backgrounds.

To be a part of the social committee, you:

  • Are a student of VHL
  • Are a good team player and leader – inspiring others, making decisions and taking responsibility
  • Can balance structure and creativity
  • Can balance planning and action
  • Have a passion for creating value for other people
  • Have experience in event or project organization – or at least a strong willingness to learn


Or do you have a theme or concept which you came up with a team? Sign up with your members and register with us to find a mutual support of both parties. You can always contact us if you have questions or learn more about the requirements. Send in forms below.

Social Committee

Application Form​

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If you have decided, let us know quick. We will arrange a meeting with you and get you on board!!

Questions? Just send it in...

Become Ambrosia Board Member

(2021 - 2022)

~ Application Closed ~

If you are too enthusiastic to wait for the next application phase (latest spring 2022), let us know your motivation in our contact form!

Are you passionate about different cultures and have a desire to connect with different people? Learn to develop yourself in the board. Different ways of life will inspire you. You will constantly learn in diverse social environments. Moreover, being a board will enable you to make a better study lifestyle for students at VHL by connecting students from different years or courses and helping to integrate international students into their new life abroad. Read how it is to be a part of the board and find your suitable position below. 

By being a part of Ambrosia board you:

  • Cooperate in a team of 4-5 board members
  • Facilitate a variety of events; both social and educational
  • Make a difference in the study lives of students in both English and Dutch studies
  • Expand your knowledge about different cultures
  • Expand your professional and personal network

To be a part of the Ambrosia board you:

  • Are a student of VHL
  • Are a good team player and leader – inspiring others, making decisions and taking responsibility
  • Can balance structure and creativity
  • Can balance planning and action
  • Have a passion for creating value for other people
  • Have experience in event or project organization – or at least a strong willingness to learn

As Chairman of Ambrosia Study Association, you will lead meetings and monitor the progress of various projects and events. You ensure that the team is motivated, work well under stress, and keep a good overview of a variety of operations within the association. You are organized, enthusiastic, and responsible. With these traits, you are prepared to represent the association, and other board members can rely on you in case of roadblocks. As a chairman, you have a determined and result oriented side, but you also have a creative and supportive side.

Duties of the chairman include:

  • Serving as primary contact for VHL Faculty and other study associations
  • Leading weekly board meetings and member assemblies
  • Taking initiative in internal planning and organization
  • Assisting in delegating roles in projects
  • Assisting in writing policy and approving the annual report
  • Checking the treasurer’s accountancy
  • Supporting and motivating fellow board members
  • Representing the association

The Secretary is the organisational brain behind the Board. The Secretary ensures that the news provision runs smoothly (think of the website for instance). Another important task is to keep records and streamline knowledge preservation. This includes, for example, taking minutes at Board meetings and General Assemblies.

As a Secretary you are above all a general Board member. This means that you have a lot of time to support your Board members, for example by answering or directing emails from external parties. You also have the freedom to create your own projects or to participate in certain committees.

Duties of the Secretary include:

  • Preparing agenda and taking minutes of each meeting
  • Recording all the activities of the organization
  • Taking the lead in writing official documents
  • Maintaining the news provision (website, other mails)
  • Being the primary contact for general inquiries or inquiries which are not (yet) assigned to a particular board member

The Treasurer is responsible for managing the money. This “management” means two things here. First, you are responsible for the choices regarding the use of money. For this, it is important to draw up budgets together with fellow Board members and/ or committee members, that you always maintain communication with others regarding money spending and that you can also be strict and set limits. You can always have fun and participate in activities brainstorming for alternatives.

Secondly, the Treasurer ensures accurate recording of what money has been spent on, by keeping the accounts. In this respect it is important that you can work accurately and understand what numbers are. Other tasks include collecting money, sending and paying invoices and keeping up with dash lists.

Duties of the Treasurer include:

  • Preparing the annual budget of the association (in consultation with fellow Board members)
  • Drawing up budgets per activity (in consultation with committee members)
  • Accounting
  • Preparing and presenting a financial half-year and annual report to board members and commissioners
  • All other matters related to the management of finances (collection, payment of invoices, etc.)
  • Maintaining contact with the Auditing Committee

As a Commissioner of External Affairs, you are primarily responsible for the educational and social activities of the organization. You guide the members of the External Affairs Committee (EC) in preparing activities and you are ultimately responsible for the activities as a whole, including the planning and execution phase. This requires that you can work together and lead well, have an overview and are stress resistant. It is also important that you have affinity with organising activities, thinking from the audience’s point of view, and being creative as well!

Duties of the External Commissioner include:

  • Coordinating the long-term projects including the Buddy Programme
  • Chairing the External Affairs Committee
  • Guiding (committee) members and external organisations with their programmes within the organization
  • Supervising any other short- or long-term project committees