Production Animal Study Association​

We are a new study association within Ambrosia named PAS. PAS stands for Production Animal Study association and is related to the course Applied Animal Science and/or Animal Society and Business. PAS was created in 2021 by four Applied Animal Science students. 

Any student with an interest in Animal Husbandry can join PAS or one of our activities. 

Our goal is to organize nice activities for all AAS and ASB students. These activities can include an excursion to innovative farms, feed companies, or guest lectures from people within the work field and graduates from our courses.  

About PAS


PAS strives to provide applied animal husbandry students with various contacts and insights in the (Dutch) animal husbandry sector.


PAS will organize guest lectures and excursions to or from external companies related to the animal husbandry sector for students in order to achieve our vision. 

The Team

Esmée Deenen

My name is Esmée Deenen and I am a second year Applied Animal Science student. I am 19 years old and I live in a small village called Vortum-Mullem, North Brabant. At home, together with my family, we own ten beef cows, some sheep, chickens and two horses. My main interests are dairy cows, and meat cattle. In my spare time I like to play volleyball and have a glass of wine with friends. Within PAS I am the president. 

Ilse Klein Wolterink

My name is Ilse Klein Wolterink and I’m a second year Applied Animal Science student at Van Hall Larenstein. I am 21 years old and live in ‘de Achterhoek’, Gelderland, the Netherlands. At home we have a pig farm with around 500 sows. Furthermore, we have around 50 Belgian blue cows and calves. Within PAS I am the secretary. 

Lievijn Hogeboom

My name is Lievijn Hogeboom, I am 24 years old, and I am a second year Applied Animal Science student. I live in Rheden, Gelderland. My main interests within animal husbandry are dairy cows, meat cattle and pigs. In the past I studied paraveterinary and media design. Within PAS I am responsible for the communication. 

Where to find PAS!

Questions about PAS and our activities? Follow us on our social media! Or maybe about joining as a committee member? Contact us through the form or mail us directly. We will get back to you.

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Lievijn Hogeboom​

Contact me, I will get back to you the soonest.

Ilse Klein Wolterink

CC: me as well for efficient response.

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