Here are more benefits of becoming an Ambrosia member:

  • You will make friends from all over the world, including those who you may not meet in your classroom
  • You can join various activities with a member discount (if there is a fee)
  • You have the possibility to become a member of one of the Ambrosia committees or the board
  • You can learn to organize activities and work on your resume
  • You can participate, share ideas, and vote in General Assemblies which takes place at least twice a year

By joining us, you get access to the platform for the international community at VHL. Members are the ones who make the community: you can organize various social and educational activities, such as drinks, potlucks, excursions, debates, and reading clubs. These can be informal or professional, spontaneous or planned, as long as it is connected to our vision.

In case you are taking the initiative, Ambrosia board can provide support if necessary. For example, with promotion, directing you to the right contact persons from the university, and advice on event organization. You can also form an event committee on Ambrosia platform to organize bigger projects and events.

We also organize activities as Ambrosia, like city tour during the introduction week, workshops and guest lecturers, potlucks, and our renowned Christmas gala. 

*Membership registration is open until the 1st February 2024

*The membership fee is 10 euros for one academic year, until the 1st of August 2024

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your membership will be valid from the 1st of August 2023 until the 1st of August 2024.

WhatsApp Group Invitation

We have a WhatsApp group for the international community at VHL Velp. It is a busy casual lounge for you to ask questions, share events, ask for people to join your activities, find like-minded people… Any International or Dutch, bachelor or master students are welcome! Non-members can also join. Just send us a message if you are interested. We will mail the link!!