Food Technology

Cibus is latin for “food”

As the name suggests, food technology is all about the science of food, meaning that we look into all the chemistry, physics and biology involved with food, and how it ends up on your plate.

The food tech committee strives to integrate knowledge about food with fun activities, as well as excursions to various food companies and many others.

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About Cibus


We believe that everyone has the right to know what processes food goes through behind the scenes. With our activities, we get people to gain insights about the food industry, what it is like to work there and what it entails to be a food technologist.


We bring togheter all people who are passionate about food and learning more about it. The more we are, the more fun it gets!

The Team

Tudor Pascu
Misha Shah
Commissioner & Secretary

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Tudor Pascu

Misha Shah