Equine, Sports and Business (ESB) - Animal Husbandry

We started Equus in 2022 as the international study association within Ambrosia for the study unit Equine, Sports and Business (ESB). This study is part of the Animal Husbandry course but everyone is welcome to join us!

We are excited to offer all national and international students with an interest in horses new possibilities to learn, have fun and connect with other people within the equine sector. During the study year we will organize different kinds of activities, some of which will be together with PAS, the Production Animal Study Association. The activities will vary from lectures, yard visits, to an exchange to a college abroad.


The Team

Renate de boer

My name is Renate de Boer and I am a 20 year old Equine, Sports and Business student currently residing in Arnhem. I am mostly interested in animal welfare and health and absolutely love learning more about these topics. Within Equus, I am president; I am responsible for keeping track of all tasks and meetings.

Emily lohrbach

Hi, my name is Emily! I am 19 years old, in my first year of studying Equine, Sports and Business and currently located in Arnhem. I am from Canada, and I chose this study due to its marketing and science aspects. I am generally interested in most subjects, but I enjoy learning about the biology of horses and welfare aspects. My role within Equus is communication, which means I touch base with staff at VHL to finalize excursion and lecture details.

Wystke van loon

My name is Wytske van Loon and I am a second-year Equine, Sports and Business student. I am 18 years old and live at home with my horses and dogs. I am striving to learn as much as possible about communicating with horses to create a deep and positive partnership. The horse’s anatomy and biomechanics are also big interests of mine which I love to learn about. Within Equus, I am the accountant, which means I keep track of the finances.

Lisa prinz
Social media

My name is Lisa Prinz and I am a second year Equine, Sports and Business student. I am 23 years old and live in Arnhem, but am originally from northern Germany. My main interest about horses is their health and welfare. Before the studies I worked in a vet clinic where I already learned a lot. Now I would like to deepen the knowledge in the studies. I am a leisure rider with no ambitions to compete. Within Equus, I am responsible for social media, so let me know if you have anything we should show! 

Lily owens slaimani

Hi, I’m Lily! I’m 18 years old and in my first year of Equine, Sports and Business. I’m from all over the place but for now we’ll just say England. As much as I love the health and welfare side of the course, I’m mainly interested in the business side of things. Growing up I’ve had a limited horsey life but that’s why I’m here to pursue a career! In Equus I’m the Secretary which means I keep track of meetings and help keep things organised.

Where to find Equus!

Questions about Equus and our activities? Follow us on our social media! Or maybe about joining as a committee member? Contact us through the form or mail us directly. We will get back to you.

Emily Lohrbach

Main contact person


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