The Buddy Program 2022-2023

For so many individual smart people to come together and to work on something as one, only truly great things can be achieved

The Buddy Program is an initiative by VHL and Ambrosia to connect new international students to the way of life in The Netherlands. It works by matching a newly arrived international student with a Dutch student, with the intention of helping these internationals become used to this place. After a couple of years of doing this, however, we noticed an abundance of positive reactions from the Dutch buddies as well! Not only do they get to do activities with a fun and diverse group of new students, but they also gained a lot of experience and were positively educated about cultures previously unknown to them.

It was at that moment we decided to really pull off something big this year with the program.

That is why we are opening the registration to receive a buddy to all international students rather than just the master students.

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This year you can expect brand new activities, organised this lustrum year to be bigger, better and more regularly.

See you there,

Ambrosia board 2022/2023

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