Meet The Team

The board of 2023 – 2024, an official fifth generation of Ambrosia

Hey there! We’re the 2023/2024 board, and our mission is to strengthen our ties with the community. We want to connect with all the internationals out there, and help them connect with each other too.

This year, we’re putting a special emphasis on making it easier for internationals to build a social life in the Netherlands. Ambrosia will continue to organize awesome educational events, but we’re also planning lots of fun social events to help everyone make new friends.

We’d love for everyone to join us, so come on out and say hi!

Abhishek Patil
Commissioner of external affairs
Jesper Teunissen
Paulina Katins
Beau Aimée Mols
Marketing Specialist

Get after it and make it happen

-- Ambrosia 23/24