We are an International Study Association

Ambrosia is the first International Study Association in Van Hall Larenstein, founded in 2017. It is for and run by students who want to be part of the international community. We are a social hub for International and Dutch students. Together, we organize webinars, workshops, excursions and social events to make friendships, to share ideas and cultures, and to grow.


We conduct educational and professional events, organize social activities, and link English-taught courses at Van Hall Larenstein in order to facilitate international friendships, community engagement, and build on personal and professional developments.


Ambrosia strives to be a key, reliable resource for International community at Van Hall Larenstein, with good connection with our audience, the university, and other student organizations in Arnhem/ Velp.

Organizational Structure of Ambrosia

In Ambrosia we have 2 parts; Ambrosia Board, the essential core, responsible for administering the study-related activities and organizing social activities (with the interest of all parties), and the second part, our foundation which lies in the study courses themselves, the Ambrosia Committees. It is in our establishing structure to work together with the committees, who can help initiate course/ social related activities to Ambrosia Board and work together to facilitate the events. Right now, we have an enthusiastic group of students from Animal Husbandry who came to us with an established team and plans, PAS (Production Animal Study Association).

In our organization, we now have an official commissioner from Van Hall Larenstein (VHL). This essential member will be there as a bridge to all the VHL personnel, such as: directors and location directors, course coordinators and mentors, marketing and PR teams.

The commissioner is primarily there for the quality fund, and as mentioned before they will be the bridge and will communicate the activities and events from Ambrosia to VHL personnel in the form of direct contact. However, this doesn’t mean everything goes through them, Ambrosia is still operating directly to relevant stakeholders and the International Affairs.