Committees are groups of people from one or more international studies. At the moment, we only have study committees of which two are from Animal Husbandry (PAS and Equus), one from International Develeopment Management and one from International Business in Food & Flowers. These study committees mainly concern themselves with educational activities related to their study field. We highly recommend you join the study committee that corrosponds to your study because they can provide you with a lot of new information for free. You may have notice we don’t have a study committee for FT yet; we are still looking for people to start a Food Technology study committee. Interested? let us know!

There is also the possibility to start any kind of social committee, you choose the aim of your committee and it can span multiple fields of study. Sign up now!

If you have any questions about joining a committee or creating one with your friends, don’t hesitate to let us know.